Midwest Land Sales is your number one resource for buying or selling land in the Midwest. The Midwest has long been known as the absolute best area in the world to hunt trophy whitetails. Midwest Land Sales currently specializes in hunting land & farmland in Illinois and Missouri.  The states of Illinois and Missouri contain some of the most popular destinations in the country to hunt trophy whitetails. Each state has its own attributes, but overall hunting property in Illinois and Missouri possess the features needed to produce trophy whitetails year in and year out. These states also offer some of the most fertile farmland in the country. The properties we offer are without a doubt some of the best trophy whitetail hunting & farmland properties in the country.

Illinois and Missouri contain the three key ingredients you must have to consistently grow trophy whitetails, which include habitat, genetics, and quality management.

Habitat - Areas with a blend of timber, brush, and prime farmland create a habitat necessary to sustain a trophy whitetail deer herd.

Genetics - Fertile ground, ideal habitat, & decades of proper deer management have resulted in some of the best trophy whitetail genetics in the world.

Quality Management - Many of these areas have been strictly managed by landowners and outfitters for decades. By letting 1 1/2 and 2 1/2 year old deer walk, the age structure of the deer herd in these areas is established for true trophy deer hunting. 

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